the enthusiastic pursuit of fun + global citizenship

our commitment = 1 for $87. 2 for $134.
[polarized//eco acetate]

The OJOS collection is designed in-house by our crew of travelers, designers, and global citizens. We continuously question business norms in our industry and firmly believe we can offer amazing eyewear at a fraction of the cost without jeopardizing materials used and quality. Our range features premium, handcrafted cellulose acetate & polarized CR39 lenses at an unmatched price of $87 - making sure OJOS is accessible to people just like us.



Our multifunctional pouches serve as a medium for social stewardship. All OJOS pouches are made via a micro-financed, grass-roots campaign with indigenous women in India to create jobs and support livelihood, way of life, and traditional craft. Our pouches are Fair Trade Certified and made of organic cotton. The OJOS range + pouch is made for your travel experiences and we want to see where your OJOS getup takes you. Hashtag #ojoseyewear and share your story with the world. 



Our entire collection is designed independently by our crew with these things in mind: a fashionable and timeless design with the highest quality, most durable materials possible. Our attention to detail is illustrated by our range featuring premium cellulose acetate frames and polarized CR39 lenses. As global citizens ourselves, we sacrifice excess profits and offer our range at only $87 because we want you to spend that extra cash in the enthusiastic pursuit of fun and originality as you rep OJOS.